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Building a Circular Economy in St. Louis

For People & Planet

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What is CircularSTL?

CircularSTL works to develop a circular economy in the St. Louis region. We collaborate with businesses, government, community groups, nonprofits, academia, and individuals to highlight innovative initiatives and business models that help realize an economic system that eliminates waste.

Our Vision: A connected and supportive community of stakeholders working collaboratively to develop a circular economy in the St. Louis region. 

Our Mission: CircularSTL is a coalition of organizations working to design out waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use, and regenerate natural systems to protect our public health, communities, and environment. We complete this mission through community engagement, network capacity building, education, and resource sharing.

Upcoming Events

Right to Repair @ Green Drinks

Join CircularSTL and Ian Ashcraft from the St. Louis-Jefferson Solid Waste Management District for a conversation about Right to Repair at STL Green Drinks on Nov 8 at 5:30pm at Grace Meat + Three (4270 Manchester Ave.).

'Reimagining the Linear Economy' Panel

Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis is hosting a panel on Reimagining the Linear Economy on Nov 9 at 5:30pm at WashU Bauer Hall 330. The event is aimed to help business leaders of today and tomorrow think beyond “reduce, reuse, recycle”and look at the big ideas for fundamentally changing the way the global economy, products, and supply chain are designed for circularity and sustainability. The panelists include CircularSTL co-founder Patrick Arnold. 

Discussion of E-Waste Solutions

Join CircularSTL on Dec 13 at 11am on Zoom for a 'Mastermind' session to share your perspective and ideas for Phones for the Planet, a new initiative launched by CircularSTL co-founder Patrick Arnold to tackle the e-waste crisis and environmentally devastating mining operations by giving smartphones a second life in underserved communities.

Coalition Partners

We're proud to collaborate with leading organizations in the St. Louis region to advance the development of a circular economy. 

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